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Guided meditation, signs and the impersonal aspects of spirituality, visited by an alien, the world is a snow globe in my peripheral vision, my inner child and adult came together and I am both and neither.

I work hard and play hard-Am I hurting myself? parenting teenagers, sacrificing myself for others' spiritual growth, I’m attached to being loved, archetypal patterns of warrior and queen.

Everything I do is motivated by my ego so I can earn acceptance from others, scrupulosity and getting free of self-punishing beliefs that I did something terribly wrong, mind discipline is required to be an artist or an athlete, life is flowing with clarity-am I missing something?, protecting myself energetically, I want to reincarnate to help others.

Satsang is perpetuating an external dependency, a spiritual relationship turned dysfunctional, love is dammed up in my heart, managing the mind and what about the heart?, there is enough, there is silence yet I want help.

Nirvi Kalpa samadhi, attributes of duality and non duality, prior to non duality, presence and being disappear, components of consciousness, prior to consciousness.

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